drum-tec invites you to the OPEN HOUSE.

Live music, garage sale, food & drinks on the site, workshops and hands-on E-Drums in our showrooms. You'll meet lots of E-drummers and get to know the people who build your drums. In our spacious showrooms, about 50 ready-to-play e-drum kits are waiting to be checked out by you. Our sales & service team offers you advice on site and answers every question. On the outside you will find our flea market with curiosities and bargains. On Friday and Saturday there will be live music on stage from noon till evening. There will be food & drinks as well. We expect an international audience and look forward having interesting conversations with many like-minded people and with you.

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Claus Hessler - Understanding the puzzle of drumming We are very thankful and a little excited to be able to combine the very first drum-tec days with an absolute highlight. None other than Claus Hessler, one of the best drum teachers in the world, will be giving one of the two workshops. Look forward to his Drums Intensive Masterlab! As a master student, Claus has learned everything about the Moeller Technique from the legendary Jim Chapin. In his masterclass he will share this professional playing technique as well as his Open Handed Playing Concepts and a few more real master skills. For the benefit of the attendees of this workshop, the number of drum seats in this event is limited. Get your Ticket and take your performance to the next level!

workshop workshop Buy
workshop workshop Buy


Friday, 16. September

10h: drum-tec open house meet and greet

12h-13:00h: e-drum academy e-drum academy mit Oliver Steinwede & Marci Berger

13:30h-15:30: Bluespam live on stage

16h-17:30h: SHINE live on stage

18h-19h: Marcibeez feat. DJ Mycro live on stage

20h-23:30h: 88 Miles live on Stage

Suturday, 17. September

10h: drum-tec open house meet and greet

11:30h-12:30h Ralf Schumacher live on stage

12:30h-14h:30h e-drum academy Oliver Steinwede & Marci Berger

15h-16h: Kamasutra Sixtynine live on stage

16:30h: 321 Rakete live on stage

20h: Flux on Earth (LaLu Traumfabrik)


Friday 15h-19h: Claus Hessler Masterclass OpenHandSanitation

Saturday 10h-14h: Marthyn Masterclass FeetOnFire

e-drum academy

 E-Drums - how it all began.
 How does an e-drum actually work (technical correlations).
 Advantages of an e-drum - possible limitations.
 Comparison of acoustic and e-drums.
 Different areas of application - what for whom?
 Sound design - creating your own drum kits - avoiding mistakes - lots of professional tips from the drum-tec sound gurus.
 Valuable tips for live drummers (individual monitor solutions, sound optimization).
 The e-drum in the recording studio (MIDI & Co. - connection to VST instruments).
 The way to an absolutely authentic feel - differences between pads, mesh heads, beaters and much more.
 Large special on the topic of "Reducing volume and counteracting impact sound problems".


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A2 Hannover-Dortmund, exit Bad Eilsen East. After the exit turn to the left. At the following intersection turn left on the B83 with direction Hameln/Hessisch Oldendorf. Follow the B83 for a long time. Leave the B83 at the exit called "Fischbeck/Gewerbepark Goldbinnen". Next turn left. Before you cross the railway, you will find us on the left side.

A2 Dortmund-Hannover, exit Bad Eilsen West. After the exit turn to the right, direction to Hessisch Oldendorf/Hameln. Follow the B83 for a long time. Leave the B83 at the exit called "Fischbeck/Gewerbepark Goldbinnen". Next turn left. Before you cross the railway, you will find us on the left side.

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